Last Big Quick Update!

Hey there everyone; I just want to say this will be the last big update for MoM now; that being said, if any other serious issues come up, I will address them. What this essentially means is, I will be focusing on my second project now, but any glaring or game breaking bugs, I will look into it!

However, that being said, here are the changes I have made in this update!

  • Fixed Thief Draining Mana from Other Players when Dashing!
  • Made it so the Thief can now Dash with the Blink Spell!
  • Fixed the Thief's Lock picking so he can finally open the LVL10 door!
  • fixed Blessing Food allows you to pick it up in the Castle of Magic. You can no longer do this,  as intended!
  • The last update I accidentally made the game 64 bit. It is now 32 Bit to run on all Systems!
  • The Big Meat of this Update; Many Spelling Corrections!... I can't say I fixed everything 100%, but I scoured through with the help of some people and got a big chunk of em!

That being said, I want to thank you all for Supporting me with Memoirs of Magic!... as I said, if anything big comes up, I will fix it ASAP, but I am gonna start focusing on my next project. This has been a crazy last 2 weeks, but I enjoyed every minute of the experience with you all!

IMPORTANT: Save Files from the Previous Version will not be Compatible with the Update and will cause issues. You Must start a new game if you want to play with this version!

One Last Thing too; If you want to suggest anything or need tips and tricks in regards to Memoirs of Magic, feel free to join us at the Strawberry Octopus Corner Discord at !


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May 13, 2019

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