Balance Patch!

Hello there again!

While this game is suppose to be difficult and challenge, I want it to be fair as well. I have been getting a few suggestions in regards to this matter of adjusting my game while keeping its difficulty in tact. Here is a list of changes I have made in this current update!

  • Normal Ropers now have 125 HP as Default. In Addition to this, They now have a 6 Second Frame Delay Before their Attack Damages you; If you move or jump away as soon as you hear their attack sound, you will be safe!
  • The Late Game Mana Ropers have now been Changed into Poison Ropers. I feel like this is a Natural Variation of the Roper as Oppose to the Original Mana Roper

  • They is now two Types of Mushdooms in the Game; Normal Mushdooms and Emperor Mushdooms. Normal Mushdooms have less Projectiles and Life then the Emperor, and fire them in a new pattern. Emperor Mushdooms have more life, and fire in the classic pattern.

  • All Golems have a 6 Frame Delay Before they Fire their First Fist Projectile Now, making it a less of a surprise when they start firing after performing their 6 step routine!

  • In Addition to this, Basic Golems have had their HP reduced from 1000 to 750. Normal Mushdooms, Caterkillers and Wizfrauds (Earth) have had their Health Also lowered from 250 to 125. This is to keep the health values of enemies within the Forgotton Temple in line with those in the Misty Forest.

  • Skeleton Gunner and Sluggers projectile damage has been lowered from 5 to 3, but the Gunners now fire 10 shots per Attack while the Sluggers shoot 15 Shots per Attack.

  • Increased All Vulnerability Duration for Yian-Yun (First Boss) By 18 Frames, making it easier to punish his attacks.

  • The Helios Gun Glitch has been fixed; you no longer can Spam Super Sun Beams without the cost of anything now on the LVL1 Helios Commuinicator Gun

    IMPORTANT: Save Files from the Previous Version will not be
    Compatible with the Update and will cause issues. You Must start a new game if you want to play with this version!

One Last Thing too; If you want to suggest anything or need tips and tricks in regards to Memoirs of Magic, feel free to join us at the Strawberry Octopus Corner Discord at !

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