Another Quick Fix!

Hello again, some more bugs and stuff have been brought to my attention, and I took the time to fix them so that people can enjoy the game without any hiccups!

  • Fixed Game Crashing from Gravity Crush Spell used on Bosses. This was caused due to the Gravity Crush Spell originally forcing enemies into a pain state, which Bosses did not have. Its Ironic really, since my idea was to have this spell not be effective against bosses, and simply forgot to test the effects of it ON bosses!
  • Fixed Mages Drowning Portrait using the Wolfmans. This was a minor mistake as the Wolfmans drowning portrait was listed as "DROWN7", while the Mages is "DROWN6". A simple number change can make a big difference!
  • Changed the old Description of the Llyod's Beacon Spell into its Current One!
  • Fixed  a variety of Spelling Errors. I will be on the look out for More!

I also want to thank all of those who have been sharing their experience with Memoirs of Magic to me. I am glad a lot of people have been enjoying my creation!

IMPORTANT: Save Files from the Previous Version will not be Compatible with the Update and will cause issues. You Must start a new game if you want to play with this version!


MemoirsOfMagic.rar 55 MB
May 02, 2019

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