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The Story

"Once upon a time, there existed a magical world, where magic, monsters and many mystical and magical creatures existed. This world was called the World of Magic, which was ruled by the Essay Royal Family, who brought much peace and prosperity to this land. However...

This peace was disturbed by the stirrings of a new, mysterious entity. With it, it brought evil monsters created in its own image to the World of magic, threatening the very existence of the Realm.

With the arrival of these monsters, the 5 Elemental Hearts of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Balance; the very life source of this world, have been taken from their long known resting places, thus causing havoc across the World of Magic.

Due to this, the King, King Essay, called forth any brave adventurers to partake in this quest to retrieve the stolen elemental hearts and stop this new evil that has been plaguing the lands. Seven adventurers, all of whom have different reasons to partake in this quest, be it for fame, glory, honor or justice, stepped forth to heed his call. And with this, our adventurers embark in our latest chapter in the Memoirs of Magic..."


  • Select One of Seven classes, Each one with their own special skills and exclusive signature weapons that allow them to tackle the adventure in their own unique way!
  • Wield and upgrade 15 Weapons utilizing the abundant gold loot you will collect on your adventures, using such weapons as Magic Tomes and Alchemic Fire Arms!
  • Explore the Large world of the Realm of Magic in over 40 Maps, with many hours of game play!
  • Fight many unique Enemy Types including over 12 Giant and Powerful Bosses!
  • Summon 6 Powerful Dragons to aid you in Battle!
  • Authentic Midi Soundtrack that will immerse you in the classic feel of the Adventure!
  • Meet many NPC's and Complete Quests along your adventure in saving the Realm of Magic!
  • Experience the Adventure with your Friends, and save the Realm of Magic from the Evil Entity with your Party!

Memoirs of Magic is a Free to Play Action Adventure, FPS, Role Playing Game inspired by classic games of the DOS/N64/PS1 era!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Role Playing
TagsAction-Adventure, Fantasy, FPS, Low-poly, Retro
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MemoirsOfMagic.rar 55 MB
MemoirsOfMagicOST.rar 41 kB

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Guys someone help please Idk how im supposed to but it into GZDOOM and wanna play help help aaaa

How would one get multiplayer going?

Wow! Simply Wow! This is one of those fabled Total Conversions that you rarely see but treasure once you find them. The difficulty right out of the gate threw me off a bit until I watched a stream of the game. But I think I'm starting to get how to manage myself around the enemies. I also chose Phazar after William wasn't working out so well.

I absolutely love the Mario RPG approach to all the character models and weapons. The extensive use of 3D models in-engine is impressive. And the soundtrack is 100% on point.

I also have to give you mad respect for the sexy scaley and furry characters in the main cast. EVERYBODY is Hot. And there's something comforting about that when you're destroying cartoony enemies.

I can't imagine how long this took to create but I am so glad I found this. Incredible work!

am i just stupid or something? adobe says file isn't supported.



Weird the discord server link is not working :p

anyone have a recommended controller setup?

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i can't believe they got the license for that one annoying gnome forest enemy from pizza tower

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Indeed lol


Pros: More original wad, a story (I think)

cons: Hard as nails, map is huge (even at the start of the game), multiple options (even though there is basically 1 path) 

Get it if you wanna lol

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Hey Strawberry!
I want to thank you again for MoM. This is one of the must overlooked gems in the Doom mod community.

I wanted to ask you if you can point me into the right direction, I want to tweek some stuff and maybe work in an addon, and I need to change the radius in which the currency glides to the player.

I was hopping to find some void GlideToPlayer(){, or something like that, but no.
May I ask you for assistance here?
Thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience. 

Its been awhile since I worked on this game, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I am pretty sure it doesn't use a glide to and is actually a type of projectile code?

All the money code can be found in Slade 3 tho!


Good game
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We had a lot of problems trying to get the co-op to be stable enough to stream. Ended up just doing a single player+cohost arrangement.

Seems like a banger regardless.
[EDIT] Running the game through a newer version of GZDoom got the co-op stable. It has a couple of balance issues yet, but the game is absolutely a secret gem.


I've logged a little of what we did to make it work in a Chost.

pros: this game is my new hyperfixation for whatever reason 

cons: not known enough and hard as nails,I'm still in the forest


Hello. I've never really used this website before but I discovered this game recently and I thought it was really cool so I made a video about it. I hope it's okay for me to share it here.
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Edit: Also the crossbow crit thing works in the way you gotta time your shots when it flashes so it deals more damage and travels farther.

Edit of edit: whoops sry I rewatched the vid and you say that lol sry

Truly spectacular game. Played it in Co-Op with a friend and had a blast. Quickly became one of my favorite games and I listen to the soundtrack almost daily. Couldn't recommend this one enough.

Fantastic game. Fun to play, lots of game play options, very interesting environments. My only criticism is the lack of Linux support.

Is this Zandronum compatible?

That looks amazing. brb with more comments after I try it, which should be right now

hi, so I've been looking for 2 statues to 100% the game for a really long time, and simply can't find them anywhere. I wish there was a walkthrough somewhere of this game but it appears this isn't the case... if anyone knows where to find these 2 statues I'd be happy.

Try backtracking through the dungeons to see if you've missed any, also one of them is probably the one near the lighthouse in the are before entering the water town, there's a block in there that can open by using the staff that you got in the pyramid dungeon, that's probably one.

Otherwise there's a guide on google to help you find the statues, really helpful for me.

Ok, I haven't found this guide on google either but I'll see what I can find. Thanks!

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If you need the guide, I found it! https://itch.io/post/749767 (It's a google drive btw)

thank you so much!

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Yo this wad slaps, me and a friend have started playing through and we've been having an amazing time. 
The only issue we've had is that we get a fair bit of crashes from GZDoom. It happens to both me and him, and we haven't figured out what triggers it other than sometimes changing zones does it.  We're both running as admin, we followed the other instructions closely, so I've no idea what the deal could be. Any suggestions for a more stable experience?

EDIT: We've got our answer, it's just a matter of the stability of our connection. Which I guess is good news since it means it's not the game's fault. Again, phenomenal work! 

Hey is it possible to have a exe version of the game? I cant run rar files on my laptop, any of you guys have a suggestion for me?

The .rar file is not the game itself but its a type of archive file. You will need a program that can extract .rar files like Winrar for example. Everything you need will be found in that archive.

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I did try to extract it using an app from the Microsoft store but al It gave me was the music files from the game. (also thx for replying)


Not the creator, but it sounds like you might’ve downloaded MemoirsOfMagicOST.rar rather than MemoirsOfMagic.rar (OST stands for original soundtrack)

The .rar file is an archive to reduce the size of the game so that it
downloads faster.

You can use a program like 7-zip to unarchive the game to play.

Any chance of a GZDoom update? The build this game is using appears to be quite outdated and lacks many visual and sound options.

Hello, so far the game looks and sounds amazing. It is giving me Ocarina of time vibes, maybe OoT would have been similar to this if Nintendo went through with making it first person. I am not new to doom modding at all, but I had a real quick set of questions, they are more quality of life things, not having to do with game mechanics. If you could take the time to answer these I would appreciate it. 

Would you recommend jumping in this game? If so what key do you bind it to?

How to I turn off auto run/sprint by default? The options interface is different than what I'm used to.

I think that is pretty much it, I don't remember having a third question. Thank you for your time.

Oh, I almost forgot. I drag and drop the pk3 file onto "gzdoom" and then I am given the option to launch "doom 2" or "memoirs of magic". Which one do you run when you play the game?  Lastly, do you recommend mouse look as well?

Hey friend. This honestly looks like an awesome title, but like prior clients have addressed, there's a few issues. For one, the file appears to only work on Windows, and also that it appears as a Rar file that searches for another app to use in the Microsoft Store. I've no doubts that you're working really hard on this title, but if you could address these small technical problems along the way whenever you might get the chance, I know so many of us would appreciate it.

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A rar is an archive, you can extract it with 7zip on windows, or with various other software. To play you need GZDoom, the archive includes it for windows but on other platforms you'll have to figure out how to use it yourself.

Thanks so so much it works! :D I can finally enjoy this great game.

Its pretty easy if you understand the basics of files or if you have dealt with emulators and roms before, I'm just 13 and i could do it!



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Dang, it looks so cool, and I was exited to try it out but when it finished downloading I clicked open and it said look for a app to use in the microsoft store ):>. Pls help or make it a .zip file pls.

This same thing happened to me, actually. I really do think this looks like a stellar title, but I hope that it can be fixed soon.

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It doesn't need to be fixed, you just need to download a program capable of extracting rar files like 7zip or Winrar. 7zip definitely has a Mac version. Then you'll probably need to download the Mac version of GZDoom and run the ipk3 file found in the rar with it. 7z and rar files are extremely common archive formats and Windows doesn't natively support rar files either anyway.

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Just download 7zip and extract the rar file with that. Even Windows doesn't natively support rar. You need to use a program such as 7zip or Winrar. 7z and rar are extremely common formats by the way, so one way or the other you are going to want to eventually get a program that can extract them or you are going to miss out on a ton of stuff.

I'm excited to try this out. Thanks to PTG and the dev for informing me about it!


i can't play this game because the download link only gives me the windows version and i'm on mac, i have tried downloading from the itch app and the itch website but it's still not working

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It's a DOOM mod. You can play it on literally any platform. Just download GZDOOM for Mac and run it with the ipk3 file in the rar that you can download here. If you don't know what a rar is you need to download a secondary program such as 7zip or Winrar in order to extract it as neither Mac nor Windows natively supports the format, but it is extremely common.

How do you use the magic emporium?


Is it intended that Lich can NEVER get Light weapons/upgrades at all?

This looks righteously gorgeous.  Forgive my noob inquiry: how do you host or join a LAN game?

i've been having a error when im trying to open the game, error: R_OPENGL: OpenGL driver not accelerated! what do i do?

Made a video


it cant be started with the itch app

StrawberryOctii Can you send me the link to your Discord page, and how do you upgrade magic.

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You can join our Discord Here bud!

invite invalid


I Edited my original post, but also posting it here to make a link that doesn't expire!

Can you send the link again. Somehow it expired 

I'm having issues saving my game. Everytime I start the game again, theirs no record of my save data. can you help me please

Another person in our discord had the same problem; is your user document file name using a strange symbol such as $?

where would I find that?

Its your user file name on the PC!

(if the problem continues to persist, you my find answers by asking on our discord!)


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