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Hey is it possible to have a exe version of the game? I cant run rar files on my laptop, any of you guys have a suggestion for me?

Any chance of a GZDoom update? The build this game is using appears to be quite outdated and lacks many visual and sound options.

Hello, so far the game looks and sounds amazing. It is giving me Ocarina of time vibes, maybe OoT would have been similar to this if Nintendo went through with making it first person. I am not new to doom modding at all, but I had a real quick set of questions, they are more quality of life things, not having to do with game mechanics. If you could take the time to answer these I would appreciate it. 

Would you recommend jumping in this game? If so what key do you bind it to?

How to I turn off auto run/sprint by default? The options interface is different than what I'm used to.

I think that is pretty much it, I don't remember having a third question. Thank you for your time.

Oh, I almost forgot. I drag and drop the pk3 file onto "gzdoom" and then I am given the option to launch "doom 2" or "memoirs of magic". Which one do you run when you play the game?  Lastly, do you recommend mouse look as well?

Hey friend. This honestly looks like an awesome title, but like prior clients have addressed, there's a few issues. For one, the file appears to only work on Windows, and also that it appears as a Rar file that searches for another app to use in the Microsoft Store. I've no doubts that you're working really hard on this title, but if you could address these small technical problems along the way whenever you might get the chance, I know so many of us would appreciate it.

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A rar is an archive, you can extract it with 7zip on windows, or with various other software. To play you need GZDoom, the archive includes it for windows but on other platforms you'll have to figure out how to use it yourself.

Thanks so so much it works! :D I can finally enjoy this great game.

Its pretty easy if you understand the basics of files or if you have dealt with emulators and roms before, I'm just 13 and i could do it!


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Dang, it looks so cool, and I was exited to try it out but when it finished downloading I clicked open and it said look for a app to use in the microsoft store ):>. Pls help or make it a .zip file pls.

This same thing happened to me, actually. I really do think this looks like a stellar title, but I hope that it can be fixed soon.

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It doesn't need to be fixed, you just need to download a program capable of extracting rar files like 7zip or Winrar. 7zip definitely has a Mac version. Then you'll probably need to download the Mac version of GZDoom and run the ipk3 file found in the rar with it. 7z and rar files are extremely common archive formats and Windows doesn't natively support rar files either anyway.

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Just download 7zip and extract the rar file with that. Even Windows doesn't natively support rar. You need to use a program such as 7zip or Winrar. 7z and rar are extremely common formats by the way, so one way or the other you are going to want to eventually get a program that can extract them or you are going to miss out on a ton of stuff.

I'm excited to try this out. Thanks to PTG and the dev for informing me about it!


i can't play this game because the download link only gives me the windows version and i'm on mac, i have tried downloading from the itch app and the itch website but it's still not working

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It's a DOOM mod. You can play it on literally any platform. Just download GZDOOM for Mac and run it with the ipk3 file in the rar that you can download here. If you don't know what a rar is you need to download a secondary program such as 7zip or Winrar in order to extract it as neither Mac nor Windows natively supports the format, but it is extremely common.

How do you use the magic emporium?

Is it intended that Lich can NEVER get Light weapons/upgrades at all?

This looks righteously gorgeous.  Forgive my noob inquiry: how do you host or join a LAN game?

i've been having a error when im trying to open the game, error: R_OPENGL: OpenGL driver not accelerated! what do i do?

Made a video


it cant be started with the itch app

StrawberryOctii Can you send me the link to your Discord page, and how do you upgrade magic.

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You can join our Discord Here bud!

invite invalid

I Edited my original post, but also posting it here to make a link that doesn't expire!

Can you send the link again. Somehow it expired 

I'm having issues saving my game. Everytime I start the game again, theirs no record of my save data. can you help me please

Another person in our discord had the same problem; is your user document file name using a strange symbol such as $?

where would I find that?

Its your user file name on the PC!

(if the problem continues to persist, you my find answers by asking on our discord!)


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Some monsters stuck in textures, and there is no way to kill them :( Also, can you make some support in new patches for old save files? I started the game 4 times XD Love this game! Keep it going!

P.S. Where can i sell my stuff? I play solo imp, and I dont need book of diplomacy(and not only that).

Unfortunately they is no way for you to resume your save files. If they was, I would let it be an option!

Also, you can not sell items!

Well then, I need my own village, where can i sell my stuff XD

Unless I'm missing something it looks like the most recent update removed the ability to use the guns' power move?  When I press R and then fire a gun it just fires regular ammo, even when my SP bar is full.

SP bar is for Summons, not Alt Ammo. What is happening to you is cuz you dont have any alt ammo to fire with, so its defaulting back to regular ammo!

Hmmm, with the latest patch it seems to crash when I load a save.

Did you make a new Save File?

Any save I loaded didn't load.  Sounds like I should restart the game.

It keeps saying Save Failed every time I try to Record Story

Pigs don't respawn, awww 

Can't wait to try this out! Amazing stuff!!!

Your guide says that the campfires are supposed to heal you. How do I get them to work

Go into the tents using the "E" command. It's not the fire per se, but the camp.

You CAN cook meat in the fires.

I downloaded it but it won't let me run it.

Is there a certain program I should have downloaded to run .rar files?

I typically just use Zandronum but that isn't working either. 

Try WinRAR or 7zip.

Are they free? Or do I have to pay?

if I recall, 7Zip is free!

I've had a few people have this issue; if its a major one, I will most likely try a different compression format!


Works fine now thanks to 7Zip. Can't wait to try it out, looks amazing!

Does this support split screen co-op?

Unfortunately Not, the best I could do was Peer to Peer!


If you have the controllers for other players, there's a relatively easy way to set up a faux-splitscreen game using multiple instances of the game, completely within the ZDoom engine (You may also have to be on Win10.) - me and my BF have been doing this so I can take him through the game.

You basically set up "profiles" (Using the "-config [name]" command in the properties of the shortcuts that you're using to start a co-op game. Though I would set up the configs first before adding the co-op lines.), change their controls (Exclusively to key/mouse and controller respectively - unbind literally everything from the other player's input or it can cause issues. These controls will start very wrong when creating a brand new config file, so I would set these up and test them before you load a co-op game. This is also a good time to pick your characters, as it will remember them per config!) and the location the windows display to (This is more difficult and may require use of console commands and/or a little trial-and-error. If you're using one monitor, going into the config files you made with a text editor - notepad will do - and looking for "win_x" and "win_y" will help a lot here.), then start it as a regular co-op game with each player using their unique "-config [name]" in the shortcuts. If done correctly, you can focus the mouse on the window of the key/mouse player and the controller will still be sending inputs to the other instance of the game. This should be backed up by the controller players' windows highlighted in orange on the taskbar.

Pre-positioning windows for "splitscreen" can be difficult, but needs to be done. This is all because you can not click the controller player's window or it will lose input. I would also recommend opening the key/mouse player's instance of the game last, just to be sure the controller players' instances never become the mouse's focus.

I may write a more in-depth guide for this as I feel it would be a huge deal-maker for a lot of people. If anyone needs help, I'm actually over in the Discord channel for the game!

Tested on Win 7 and Win 10 with one and two monitors! For what it's worth, this was far, far easier to set up than Borderlands 2 was. lol

yo im extremely early in the game to be making comments but i have two thoughts! one: It would be nice if the bed in the inn that the player can sleep in was like clearly marked? I know that being in the room with the mirror makes it stand out some, but a concrete indicator that this is the player's room would have been very helpful to someone as inattentive as me, lol.

two: The way the magic shops like. work? is absolutely beautiful. When I opened my first one I was so excited by the very concept of it I had to go tell my friends about it, it's just. So. Cool. Like, why give every town a magic shop and a checkpoint/teleporter when you could just have one building do double duty? or sextuple duty?? its brilliant

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the game, thank you for making it!!

  1. Did you talk to the Barmaid in regards to sleeping in the Inn?... Her instructions may help you out navigating to such a spot!
  2. And thank you!; I can't remember what inspired my decision to do that, but my goal for the way it work I wanted to feel very classical. I am quite proud with how connected I made the villages feel within a few simple steps!

And it was my pleasure to make it, I am looking forward to you playing it!


ahh I feel so silly! I could have sworn I spoke to the barmaid but I must have been reading through it too fast lol...

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So iunno what my issue is, I don't have a hud like in your screenshots and have to hit tab to see it. Also the magic emporium is empty, should it not be? Also on the undead guy sometimes I don't get my orb back at all.

Did you try pressing - or + on your keyboard to grow/shrink your hud?... that may be the issues for that!

The Magic Emporium Proper does not open until you visit one of the villages. The City of Magic entrance serves as just an exit into the city it self!

If you have no Mana, the Orb does not Come Back!


Everything is in working order, thanks for replying and telling me what I was doing wrong <3

Hey! I love this game and i want to share you a problem : You can improve level skills with the monk in the museum by hitting statues, normal? I LOVE YOUR GAME!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Not only that, you can improve it by hitting Treasure Chests, Bottles, Beer Jugs, Pots, Tables; Anything that can receive damage is basically experience for his fist!

It is intended however, yes; You can grind away at his skills with out being in combat areas, if you have the patience!

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Ok! Thx for this answer! :) I have an other question (last I think) : I don't understand the SP bar in left under the AP bar, what is it for?


With permission, ta-da

I'll keep branching out with advice until it looks something like a proper walkthrough~ Thanks for the cool hecking game, Octii!


This is looking amazing so far!

If you wanted to perhaps clarify any information with me, or ask me any questions, Feel free to message me on Twitter; I will be more then happy to provide any information required to help you build up this Walkthrough!

Glad to see someone's working on a guide. Would love to help out, as I've been playing this thing like mad!

Thank you so much for this. I was wondering why the Hawk's lightning magic was only doing the chain effect sometimes. Also that the giga-drill consumable does damage in melee. And that I can sell the statues...

Great guide for a great game!  How do you take suggestions, I have a few things I figured with the Cleric and Tome of light.


Hey Strawberry, is it cool if I post my WIP guide here? It's a Googledoc I'm just writing tips for players having difficulty and compiling my thoughts, but I understand if you don't want it linked here!

Either way, LOVING the game so far. Lots of obvious love and passion put into it. <3

I would love to see the guide you been working on, sure!

In fact, if you ever do a full guide and what have you, I will be more then happy to show case it around for those who need assistance!


Wow, this is like the best FPS of 2019, at least for people who have been waiting since 2016 or 2017. I somehow felt like it's going to be amazing back then (a game with an artstyle/aesthetic this good can't be any less than good IMO).

What ports are required to be forwarded for this to work multiplayer?  Hamachi causes issues for me, it's easier to just forward ports.

I use Hamachi myself when I was play testing the multiplayer, but I assume the ports you need to open to play the multiplayer is those used usually by GZDoom?


One issue I've ran into is that when you die, your last save file is loaded instead of just respawning at the beginning of the area. Is that just me?

That is intended; The Auto save feature should have it so that when you enter a new area, so that when you are defeated, it should spawn you back to the very start. The game will automatically load whatever the newest save file is, so keep that in mind!

Okay, but elsewhere in the game it says that you lose half your gold when you respawn. So what's the purpose of the bank other than to keep goblins from stealing your gold?

That is mainly a multiplayer feature; In Coop if you are defeated, you lose half your gold but can still resurrect party members by exiting the map. The Bank also makes it easier to send gold to other players so they can purchase items in multiplayer!

In Addition to this, the Hawkman has some benefits to when he uses the bank in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer!


Very excited to finally be able to play this! 

I do have one question, do you intend to release the soundtrack for download anywhere?

Actually, you technically already have the soundtrack; You can extract the Midi Files from the game itself and listen to them!

However, I do plan to upload the whole OST some point soon to make it easier for other people to listen to it. I just wanna give it awhile first so people don't see any spoilers from listening to the soundtrack!


Been having a lot of fun experimenting with all the classes. Felt lost at first but I got a better understanding after exploring. This feels like the dream game I always wanted!


Anyone ever play that mod game called "megaman 8-bit deathmatch"? it feels like that but not a mod and much cooler.


There's definitely some issues that could use ironing out so far (the other comments hit them pretty well), but I really have to compliment the UI design at a bare minimum. Very strongly feels like the Shining Force on Game Gear and other early RPG-system games from the era. The entire conceit feels like Quest 64 in a good way. The gameplay... Yeah, as the other comments said: More tutorialization, more forgiving early-game damage.


I appreciate the compliments very muchly!

In regards to the tutorial; Speaking to NPC's within the world of magic is actually supposed to serve as the tutorial for the game. The King, Princess and Loremaster give you a pretty good starting point where to look (including directing you to the library!), as well as the various NPC Villagers located within and outside the castle!

I just hope for those who are finding the start difficult know that they can talk to the NPC's!


I absolutely love the looks of this game! However, I feel like the game leaves the player with too little information, with that information only given behind a book that looks similar to 50 other books. Maybe a sort of tutorial building that goes over the mechanics of this specific game could be added? Or a text file at the very least. 


Whats up with the difficulty? even playing as the tanky knight i get 2-shot by octopunks and those squiggly looking guys in the starting forest!?

I have recently lessend the difficulty within the starting area (which you can read in the Dev logs for changes I have made!)

However, the game itself is intended to be difficult. They are NPC's however that suggest that within the overworld (The area you are encountering said enemies!) that you are able to avoid conflict by simply running away. Some enemies will be tougher then your current prowess, so some times the best option is to flee!